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Author Topic: Prompt Assignments  (Read 3297 times)


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Prompt Assignments
« on: March 18, 2012, 04:01:25 PM »
  • The prompts you are to choose from are listed under your codename, with the name your prompter beneath.
  • If you didn't receive your name or there's an issue, please PM me (admin).
  • Remember, you only need to write ONE of the prompts, but you may write both if it tickles your fancy.
  • You have until April 1st to post your story following the direction in this thread
  • If you must drop out, PM me ASAP.

White (white)
Indigo's Prompts
1. Justin, Original Character Female - a cutesy story about how Justin's girlfriend gets sick and he cancels a concert to be with her. Basically very full of fluff and adorable ness.
2. Jason McCann, Original Character Female - Jason meets a girl who seems like a typical 'goody two shoes'. What he doesn't know is that she is his next victim.

White's Prompts
1. Justin tries to prove he would be a good boyfriend (OFC or Ariana).
2. OFC helps mend Justin's broken heart and falls in love a long the way.

Blue's Prompts
1. Justin and the original female character meet at illegal street racings, and grow a special sexual attraction between eachother. All the teasing and flirting ends up on something. The end of the story can be sad or happy.. it doesn't matter... as long as it's unexpected. I wanted it to be a about cars mainly.
2. Justin and Jasmine have this little friends with benefits relationship. Justin starts dating a new girl... Selena, for example... and Jasmine ends up alone... It's based on Just A Friend by Jasmine... the ending can be something like a bitchy revenge back at Justin.

Yellow's Prompts
1. Song related story. Song choice: Fifteen- Taylor Swift; Middle of Nowhere - Selena Gomez or Who Owns My Heart - Miley Cyrus
2. Justin, Carly Rae Jepsen; Scooter signs Carly and brings her into the Bieber crew. What happens when Justin meets the "Call me maybe" star?

Red's Prompts
1. Justin nd Miley Cyrus: [Justin writes as song about a mystery girl that has the most wonderful voice he's heard. Her mane is Miley, she's America's sweetheart. He doesn't have the courage to tell her the song was for her]
2.Jutin nd Logan : [Logan loves dancing and when she finally has the chance to be Selena Gomez choreographer, she'll let nothing ruin her change to be known for dance... not even Selena's sexy boyfriend, Justin Bieber]

Yellow (yellow)
Orange's Prompts
1. Justin is in love with his long-time girlfriend, (Taylor Swift, or original female) and is racking up the courage to propose to her (include the proposal scene please.) 
2. The Original Character female hates Valentines Day and is dating Justin who just wants to do something sweet for her on Valentines.

Violet's Prompts
1. OFC/Justin: Justin goes to visit his girlfriend in the mental hospital after a suicide attempt.
2. Scooter/Justin: Justin's small crush on Scooter is escalating.

Green's Prompts
1. Justin, Miley- They had a small fling before and decided to just stay friends. Justin wants to help Miley get back on track to the music/filming business after she has turned to Hollywood's bad girl. Menahwile, he also commits to always being in love with her.
2. Justin - It's his 18th birthday. Since starting in the music industry Justin turned arrogant and selfish, leaving him alone on his birthday. Nobody remembers, frankly, nobody cares. Then, he accidentaly bumps into this one girl which makes his whole day turn right around.

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